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Gold Foil Sticker

Gold Foil Sticker

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Transparent sticker with a striking foiled gold finish.

Adorn your surroundings with secret shine. Choose your favorite single design, a random selection, or the complete 7 icon set.

Each deisgn is a testament to refined aesthetic and timeless mystique.

The Moon
Soak up the feminine energy of the moon and let your sense of self expand beyond this small world. The moon icon was created in the second series and remains a fan favorite.

The Crystal
Shield yourself from negative energy with this natural crystalline masterpiece, the centerpiece in the collection.

The Pedestal
A diamond atop a pedestal, just as she should be. This icon was introduced as part of the secondary collection and carries a world of meaning and memory.

The Golden Key
The baroque key that holds the collection together, a weight of meaning to surely remind you who holds the key to your kingdom.

The Staircase
This mysterious icon was introduced as part of the secondary collection and hides multiple meanings and interpretations. Ideal for someone on a journey toward a higher level of consciousness.

The All Seeing Eye
The all seeing eye was part of the original concept, a seamless blend of esoteric iconography and weighty meaning.

The Bleeding Heart
May your heart strings forever be wrapped round her little finger.

Adhesive Transparent Sticker
Width: 45mm
Height: 70mm

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