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Beat The Banker

Beat The Banker

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Risk Level

This exciting game is a unique challenge designed to empower players to pay off a fictional debt. Navigate through the twists and turns, as you make strategic decisions to conquer your ever-growing debt.

1. Choose your risk level:
Low:   £100 over 30 days
Medium:   £500 over 30 days
High:   £1000 over 30 days

2. The Initial Investment: 
Once you have purchased the risk level, you must check your email (usually your junk email) and open your contract, and game dashboard.

3. Real-Time Updates:
The initial risk level payment is automatically reduced from your remaining balance.

4. Interactive:
The game is private between you and The Banker. She can and will create events such as increased interest, unexpected expenses, and additional debt opportunities which you can cover by purchasing the Gameplay.

Are you ready to embark on this thrilling adventure game?

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